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About us

Welcome to Kushwaha Webformat Team! We are leading IT company in India and follow successful business models which plays an important role in growth of an organization on consistent basis. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals rely on team leadership to achieve the organizational targets. We are a team of website designers, Software developers; professionals, web developers, technology experts, App developers, graphic designers, online marketing consultants and E-commerce experts. All of our team members are more than 3 years experienced.

Rajnandan Kushwaha - Chairman & Founder

Rajnandan is an engineer and is very dedicated towards his responsibilities for the company. He creates unique strategies and implements it to generate good amount of revenue. He joined the company in 2016 and since then he is taking responsibilities quite remarkably. He is a core member of Kushwaha Webformat management. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he is actively involved in administration of the company.

Sandeep Kumar - Co-Founder

Joined in 2016, Sandeep is very punctual, experienced and professional in his work. He handles HR department and also responsible for taking decisions in terms of company management. He has clear vision on how to handle the professionals and how to make them more productive in the work place.

Neebha Kushwaha- Management Head

Joined in 2017, Neebha is very punctual, in his work. She handles Management department and also responsible for Marketing Management in terms of company management. She has clear vision on how to handle the Manage and how to grow up.She is smartest team member in our company.